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My Account & My Orders

It is easy to update your Stepshop account and view your orders any time through 'My Account'. 'My Account' allows you complete control over your transactions on Stepshop
• Manage/edit your personal data like address, phone numbers, email ids
• Change your password
• Track the status of your orders

You can merge two of your Stepshop accounts linked to different email ids or update the email id linked to your existing Stepshop account. The process is the same.

Step 1: Log in to your Stepshop account.

Step 2: In the 'My Account' pane, go to the 'Settings' tab and click on the 'Update EMail' option

Step 3: In the 'Update Email' page, your 'current email' id is shown.
-Enter your 'new email' id below.
- Click the 'Save Changes' button. You will receive a 'We have sent a mail to your new email id for re-confirmation' message.

Step 4: Go to your 'new email' account and click on the Stepshop account - Update Email message for confirmation.

Step 5: You are now redirected to the 'Update Email' page.
-Below your 'new email' id, provide the password for your current Stepshop account.
-Enter your new Stepshop account password.
-Re-enter to confirm your new Stepshop account password.
-Click the 'Update Email' button.

Once your order has been logged and payment authorization has been received, the seller confirms receipt of the order and begins processing it. You will receive an email containing the details of your order when the seller receives it and confirms the same. In this mail you will be provided with a unique Order ID (eg. OD01202130213), a listing of the item(s) you have ordered and the expected delivery time. You will also be notified when the seller ships the item(s) to you. Shipping details will be provided with the respective tracking number(s).

Unfortunately, products listed as 'Out of Stock' are not available for sale. Please use the 'Notify Me' feature to be informed of the product's availability with sellers on Stepshop.


On Stepshop, you may find various editions of the title. Some editions might be collector's first/earlier prints, while some might be hardcover and others paperback. You can check for this on the product page. Some editions are re-published/printed within

A product could be listed under different prices. There could be sellers offering you the same product but at a different price. That is the nature of the Stepshop marketplace, where different sellers compete for your order.