Step Shop

About Us

Stepshop started via Facebook with its frenetic & infrangibile vision in 2015 which is India’s 1st Ecommerce platform which has all major services at one place.

Stepshop was founded in April 2014 by Siddharth Goswami & Ruturaj Rathod jointed him as the Founding team over a period of next months. They were a big proponent of marketplace model in India and it was through their vision that Stepshop become the First Managed Marketplace in India.

Siddharth & Ruturaj working on the concept of Stepshop as early as March 2013 from their home Modasa. There was no doubt in their mind even in early days of eCommerce in India that India will be the last, largest eCommerce market in the world. The fast is that India has very large Fragmentation of retail, combined with poor physical infrastructure, his occupancy coast and a bourgeoning middle class population in all cities of the country that is ready to come online via cheaper & faster data enabled smart phones, left no doubt in their mind that a managed marketplace which provides value, selection & free shopping for the masses is a big need that be captured. This led to creation of Stepshop.

Today, Stepshop continues to enable lakhs of small and medium business and entrepreneurs to actively participate in the digital revolution that is happening in the country.